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"I'll help you tame the technology that causes you so much frustration and get results."
Gordon Sheppard

Supporting Business Owners And Their Technology

Solving problems for small businesses and business owners is something I’ve done all my working life and I still love to help where I can.

The challenges today for business owners are considerable. In a smaller business, the owner wears many hats. Financial Controller, Head Of Sales, Marketing Manager, Customer Support and Service Delivery Manager to name but a few.

And then there’s the Technology that is so critical to a small business these day. Email, data storage, document management, customer relationship managements, cyber-security, website hosting, online meetings, marketing funnels, desktop and mobile device security. The list goes on.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the technology and suspect that you could be doing things better, then maybe I can help.

“Gordon is a professional 5 star specialist. He has been helping us with various “technology” problems for a number of years. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Robert Brudnowski, Unity Mortgages Ltd

Personal services crafted specifically for you

Fix This Next Advisor

Mike Michalowicz, author of globally-successful books like Profit First, Clockwork and The Pumpkin Plan, has just released the pre-order his 6th book… Fix This Next.

I am an authorised Fix This Next Advisor should you need further help beyond the contents of the book.

WordPress Development

WordPress runs around one third of all the websites you will use in your browser today. It’s easy to get started with WordPress, but getting it to fly and remain secure is something I specialise in.

Remote Desktop Support

Sometimes you just need a helping hand when faced with something on your PC that does doesn’t seem to work. Although I can’t help with the hardware, I can usually help with the software through a remote desktop connection.

Business Email Configuration

We all have a love-hate relationship with email, but it is one of our biggest communication tools today. If you need some help configuring email addresses or migrating to another service provider, I can help.

Who I am working with

Let’s have a 15 min chat and see if I can help or signpost where to get help.


Busy entrepreneurs may well embrace the need for technology, but most do not have the time to study and get the best from it – so they ask me and I either help them directly or signpost where best to get the help they need.

Business Owners

Like entrepreneurs, business owners cannot afford to get bogged down in the details of making their business communications slick. I work with a number of business owners to help them with their online technology.


I’ve supported a few agencies with their need to have critical systems and infrastructure backed up and monitored agains security risks. I’ve also help configure challenging content management based websites.

Maybe you?

Maybe you have a website or email issue or some other technology challenge.

Or it might be that as an entrepreneur, your biggest challenge is NOT knowing what what your “biggest” actually challenge is.

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