2017 is just about over.

It’s been another mixed year of ups and downs.

October was an earthquake that continues with aftershocks to this day. It’s not every day you lose a friend, a work colleague and a business partner all in one hit, but that’s exactly what happened.

An event like this leaves you sad, angry and concerned – all rolled into one rollercoaster of emotions. Goodness knows how the family are really feeling at this time of the year.

It also makes you feel grateful for what you have and what you have achieved so far, and hopeful but determined to press on. There also has to be a sense of optimism as a new year approaches.

I’m less sure these days in predicting what a new year might bring, but for me personally it’ll mean striking a better balance between work and the rest of life. I am in a different financial position from when I was working for a big corporation just eighteen months ago.

Less money, does focus the mind a bit mind you, but it also helps you realise how money in itself is not the answer to everything. Health, wellbeing and those you surround yourself with are far more important at the stage of like I am at.

However, the ability to have a couple of smaller incomes with a better life balance is proving to be far better for me than the bigger corporate payslip and the never-ending hours of work commitment I’ve experienced of the last 20 years or so.

So, my first post here is really likely to be the last post of 2017 with Christmas just around the corner, and I’m genuinely looking forward to 2018 as it really does feel like a fresh start is waiting for me.

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