Over the last few months I have returned to a subject that used to fascinate me some years ago – personal development.

My focus on this subject seemed to fade as life became busier. Ironic really given that as I was developing, things were improving, including my corporate career and standard of living.

In the last eighteen months or so this finally resulted in me taking a huge risk in my early fifties to leave a relatively safe corporate career and switch to a lower paid and much riskier position of working full time in a side business I had started some years ago with one of my corporate work colleagues.

His untimely death in 2017 shook me to the core recently and had me full of self doubt as to whether I had done the right thing and whether it was all worth it.

The true answer though actually lay within – “you need to be strong, you need to be positive, you need to make progress, you need to return to personal development.”

I have begun studying again. That is, reading, listening and watching many personal development articles & presentations. This will bring the “vibration shift” within that will effect the results you experience.

It’s still early days. Normally it’s not so obvious that any of this stuff is actually working until you take a look back at where you were a few days, weeks, months or years ago, and what’s actually happening now.

However, the commitment is there and I am looking to form some daily new habits that will help the “vibration shift” required.

Part of this is to occasionally write down my thoughts, findings and “journey” here on this site. This is to not only create a record of what is happening, but also to help others who might be looking for inspiration on ways to improve their situation and ultimately their lives too.

Even if no one reacts to any of this directly, my hope is that someone may stumble across my ramblings and feel they can shift their vibration too. From there, perhaps they will benefit from the improvements and progress that investing in some personal development can bring.

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